Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just Friends!

Why do we always feel the need to add some tag or title to our relationships? Why not just let things be the way they are? We as a society feel a desperate urge to categorize people, based on what they eat, what they wear or with whom they are seen.

When I watched When Harry Met Sally for the first time, one of the dialogues used in the film stayed with me, "Men and women can never be friends." A similar statement was quoted in Maine Pyar Kiya and many subsequent movies. Is it really true? Of course there are friendships which may go on to become more than just platonic relationships but it's really not fair to say that it happens all the time. I do have many good guy friends and I am really emotionally attached to them. I can spend hours talking to them or roaming with them and I do love them but not in a romantic way. Then, why is it that society is bent on putting a label on it?

Why is it that if a girl and a guy spend some time alone and talk to each other, we always come to the conclusion that they are interested in each other? If we see just the two of them anywhere, why do we always think they are a couple? Why can't you understand that maybe it's because they are just comfortable enough to talk about anything under the sun. Again, I am not saying this is the case all the time but please do not pass judgement/ gossip before actually knowing the truth.

Is it really so hard to understand that you could be friends with the opposite sex with no hidden intentions whatsoever. There's no need to analyse each and everything. If a girl smiles and talks to you she's attracted to you or if a guy does the same, he's hitting on you! Really, is that how matured you are? Isn't it enough that people around you are analyzing each and every move you make that you also put an added burden on something which could turn out to be a great friendship. Enjoy the company and have a good time!

I am not very sure about you guys out there, but for me friendship is too important to lose over something so trivial and unpredictable as to what "might" happen in the future.

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