Saturday, April 10, 2010

Addictive Mirror

It has been a crazy week for me, with hectic preparations for my interim report which is to be submitted in a few days along with going to the office daily, waking up early, getting back home late. But my days have not been as crazy as the news articles which have been circulating in the Indian media for the past 3-4 days.

Love across borders…..for die hard romantics like me, it is a very fascinating occurrence. Two people from different backgrounds, representatives of two very similar but at the same time two very different countries deciding to get married to take their love for each other to a new level.

But in this case this, this love came with a twist. I am sure you might have guessed by now that I am talking about the much discussed Sania – Shoaib romance which was interrupted by another person. Don’t worry I am not going to go in all the murky details of the case!!!! I can’t even if I want to. It would be like going on a twisted ride in an amusement park, with both the parties making allegations followed by additional charges with no hard core evidence.

If on one hand, Ayesha came forward to get justice in the form of a divorce, Shoaib is saying he doesn’t even know her. Then came the allegations of the Siddiquis’ using fake photographs to supposedly “trap” Shoaib. News channels went into an overdrive in trying to cover this story which was a boon for them as it proved to be an apt masala to serve to the audience to fill the gap which was created after Rahul Mahajan finally got married!!!! Although I’m thankful that it has finally come to its end, logical or not, but yeah for many a really good way of passing time has also got over J

This ridiculous news was given so much coverage that the naxalite attack over our brave CRPF soldiers which occurred at the same time became supplementary news over many news channels as they became immersed in inviting people for discussions on it. For Indian media, which I plan to join in the future, it was a new low in an attempt to raise TRP’s.