Monday, February 22, 2010

End of the second sem....finally!!

My life has seen a lot of much anticipated changes in the past few weeks. First of all my second semester finally got over J . Although the last time my semester got over in September I had to stay back for almost 2 days in a dark and virtually vacant hostel, this time I had sworn that nothing would make me stay one more day in that place. The entire week from 25th January to the 1st of Feb was a dreaded journey as we had successive papers, day after day after day, and in between 2 papers on the same day. So when the exams finally got over, I literally packed my bags and ran away!!!

My sister, who had come to pick me up, and I went to the city where we stayed in a hotel. The next morning we went to visit the Charminar, the first time I went there, along with Lad Bazaar which is famous for its glass bangles and the Pearl market. It is so easy for us to generalize everything, isn’t it? If we meet one dishonest or rude person in a new city we quickly assume that the city as a whole is rude and that you simply ‘hate’ the place!

Although I am sure I have been overcharged many times by the Hyderabadi autowallahs but still when I look back right now at my past one year experience there, I can confidently say that the city is beautiful and people helpful. Although I don’t remember the name, but my first trip to Golconda Fort last year in August or September with two of my friends turned out to be real fun and informative because a guard assigned there took us on an impromptu tour, telling us all about the old tales and scientific methods used to make it an impregnable fort, before finally guiding us to the light and sound show. Although it was not a part of his job, he did this. I don’t know what else to call it if not helpful nature.

The second time such a thing happened was when I was roaming on the top floor of the Charminar with my sister. We were just standing, looking out at a mosque located directly opposite to it, when a guard on duty approached us and started telling us about the story behind the construction if the monument, the underground tunnel which has been closed now and showed us the various famous buildings which could be seen from that point. Such instances keep happening, to me and I’m sure to many of you too. We just have to remember them while we crib about something the next time.