Saturday, April 30, 2011


I've never really been much of a supporter for all these fairness cream advertisements which try to target the weakest spot of many Indian consumers, getting a fair skin. However till now I wasn't really bothered about the way they showed their products; the nonsensical relationship shown between being fair and being successful or being fair and suddenly being liked by everyone.

But the advt. which I saw today crossed all the borders of sensibility and forced me to actually write about it. This major cosmetic brand, which has actually become a synonym and a market leader for such products, has come out with a TVC wherein a girl is shown lamenting the fact that a guy doesn't like her because she's not fair (while surprisingly she's completely rosy and white!) and as soon as she starts using the cream she becomes totally white with some added makeup. And she's now in a relationship with the guy!!!

I mean guys come on!!! If some girls out there are actually falling for this kind of promotions, I beg of you please be a bit more sensible! If this was the case then all the fair people/ girls will get into relationships while the other "not so lucky ones" will be single, failure in their lives and a totally dejected lot.

And I'm sure you know that's not the truth! Life is not all about looks, they can only take you so far but after a point even that will not help you. Even in Bollywood, looks or skin show alone can't help make a career, you need to work towards results. Nothing comes for free.

And as far as these companies are concerned, I'm sure they'll continue making such idiotic advertisements as long as its getting them revenues. The responsibility lies with us.....whether we are okay with being taken for a ride or can we be a bit smart about it?


  1. Its not about the stupid people watching these ads..its about the marketing team behind these ideas...!

  2. good realisation. Sure u will never fall prey to these idiotic things....

  3. Nice prompts me to write something on similar lines! But I guess a lot has got to do with our aspirations as well! Sun screen is used to avoid tan and not protect skin from getting cancer prone! Isn't it! At the end of the day Indian women want fair skin more than a flawless one! It has got something to do with our psyche. But yes relating success and love with fair skin is seriously ridiculous.

    Keep writing! :)

  4. @Avinash...of course the entire thing revolves around the marketing guys but they are actually doing their work. We as consumers have to decide what is right and what is just a sales gimmick.

    @didi...i try to be unaffected :)

    @gargi...Fairness has been centuries old aspiration for us while people in the west go for tanning! Grass actually is always greener on the other side :)

  5. Good on you for coming out and criticizing the advertising behind those creams. I find it absolutely ridiculous that any cosmetic company can get away with being insulting and condescending to young impressionable girls, in order to peddle their wares.