Sunday, June 13, 2010


Destiny, kismet or whatever people may call it based on the place where they live forms a strong part of our lives. Many times I have heard or been told that we have to create our own destiny. But is it really that simple? I am not negating the fact that we can’t sit idly and then blame our kismet for the hard luck that might fall on us but sometimes despite our strongest efforts things don’t go as planned. Isn’t it then destiny or some force much stronger and higher than us who has the reins in His hands?

Love, it’s a simple four letter word but has such varied definitions and emotions. It can be towards that special someone, our families, country or anything and everything. Although a simple emotion it can be sometimes really difficult to explain and express it in a few words. But the most mind boggling yet magical part about it is that you can never guess or even be sure as to when it might affect you.

Everyone loves those people who have been close to them for the majority of their lives but what causes someone to fall in love with a person they have met barely few days or a week ago? What is that thing which attracts two people who had never even talked to each other for hours and still find an attraction between them? I don’t want to cover such a beautiful feeling under the cloak of boring names of chemicals like Dopamine or Oxytocin.

Being in my campus for the past 1 year or so, I have seen several couples being formed; some were predictive while some surprised everyone they knew. I have talked to a few of my friends and have found out how they never “planned out” on getting a boyfriend/ girlfriend while doing their MBA but it happened. Most of them were really quiet people who never really talked to others or went out in groups so that we might say it’s because they socialized or got out that much but it happened for them. Is this only because of some chemical reactions which happened on seeing the other person or is it because they were destined to meet?

We meet lots of people in our entire life; some just pass us by, some stay in our lives for some time while some leave a mark on us. How can we then predict or decide how or where our lives will lead us? Sometimes just a small ‘Hi’ in a crowded bus can lead to a close friendship while at other times even when you spend your entire days with someone doesn’t give you a sense of happiness.

Having gone through a series of my own personal experiences, some told to others and some hidden under several layers in my heart as my most private experiences I can say that at least to me destiny plays a huge part. There have been instances where I had everything planned out but exactly the opposite happened. Personally my belief is you can only try up to an extent, after which it would be futile to try and get some control over your life because it will only cause frustration.


  1. Nice look and content!!!
    However u seem to be deeply impacted by the college goin couples..:)

  2. just wanted to write on something lighter than political issues :)

  3. Good one. but dont get affected by all these things. There is always right time for everything....

  4. don't worry di...i know. i am just a third party observer with no hidden intentions :P